ACHIEVEMENT 2008 - 2009:


  Educational Technology:  

Educational Technology Unit has conducted various programmes as shown below: 

Sl. No.
Name of Programmes
In-house E.B. Programme. 16 Programmes.
Workshop on Educational Media/Script Writing. 6 programmes.
Broadcasting of E.B. programme through AIR SCERT sponsors chunk in the AIR for broadcasting 15 min EB programme three times a week. 144 programmes.
Orientation programmes on the use of Audio Visual Aids in the classroom. 6 programmes.
Production of Educational Films.

2 Films, Namely:

Eigi Iralni & Sanabungi Sangshar

Review Session/Programme. 3 programmes.


  Evaluation & Research:  

# A survey on the Educational input, process and output of Lower Upper primary schools under Imphal East(Zone-ll) has been conducted. A survey on the Educational input process and output for primary schools under Imphal west (Zone-I) has commenced.

# 12 nos. of Orientation/Training programmes on Evaluation, Teaching methodology and motivation of Teachers are have been conducted.

# Teachers' handbooks on (1) Modern concept of evaluation (2) Blue print. Question Design for Classes I - V , have been published and made available to schools teachers.

  Teacher Training Institute (H.T.T.I):  

In-Service and Pre-Service Training Courses in Hindi are conducted in this institution for popularization and improvement of Hindi language in the State.

  District Institute of Education and Training(DIET)

       Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Restructuring and Reorganization of Teacher Education (RRTE), 8(eight) District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs) are functioning at Imphal, Kakching, Churachandpur, Moirang, Senapati, Chandel, Ukhrul and Tamei. In these DIETs this Directorate is conducting the following teacher training courses/programmes with the strength of trainees mentioned against the courses.


Objectives of the Scheme: The main objectives of the Schemes are:-

# Upliftment of the quality of Teachers Instructors/ Educational Volunteers/Workers of Elementary level.

# To give suitable academic and Resource Support to the teachers/instructors of the Elementary level which would comprise of the following activities (a) Training, Guidance and Advice, (b) Development of locally relevant teaching earning materials and teaching aids, (c) Evaluation and (d) Field studies, Action Research, Innovation etc.

# Planning and Management of Teacher Education.

Under this 100% C.S.S., 8 (eight) DIET Centres have been established in the 8 (eight) Districts of Manipur namely : Imphal DIET, Kakching DIET, Churachandpur DIET , Moirang DIET .Senapati DIET, Chandel DIET, Tamei DIET and Ukhrul DIET.

The following academic programmes are implemented in the said DIETs :-

Sl. No.
Six-Months In-Service Training Course leading to the Certificate in Elementary Teacher Education (C.E.T.Ed.). 6 months
Two-Years Pre-Service Training Course leading to the Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education (D.E.T.Ed.) 2 years


In addition to the above normal programmes the following programmes have also been conducted in the eight DIET centres during the Year 2008-09.

The following Research & Survey have been conducted in the 8(eight) districts of the State by the teaching and non teaching staffs of the DIET:

  • Spot study & survey of Mid-Day meal
  • Spot study & survey for development of Primary Schools in the state.
  • Spot study & survey for less enrolment in the Government Primary Schools.

The following Short-Term Training courses have been Conducted in the 8(eight) DIET centres:

  • Method of Teaching English Languages to the Primary School Teachers.

  • Teaching of Science & Mathematics to the Primary School Teachers.

Training Programmes of DIET Faculty Development on:

  • Action Research

  • Evaluation (Question setting & measurement)

  • Restoration of Peace in the context of Peace Education

  • Core Teaching Skill (Micro-teaching)

  • Communicative Skill

  • Learning motivation & Personality

  • Educational Technology

  • Educational Evaluation & Examination

  • Child Pschycology

  • School Development & Classroom Management

  • Teaching & Teachers behaviour

  • Reward & Punishment

  • Educational management & administration

Orientation Programme of DIETs Faculty Development on:

  • National Curriculum Framework 2005.

  • Implementation & transaction of the new curriculum for the Diploma in Elementary Teacher education.

Other Orientation programmes taken up in the DIETs:

  • 7-day Training Prgms.on ECCE in 9 districts for Primary School Teachers & Anganwadi workers.

  • 5-day Orientation Prgms. on teaching of Mathematics for Primary Teachers.

  • 5-day Training Prgms. on Evaluation & Measurement for School Teachers.

  • 5-day Training Prgms. on EVS for Primary Teachers.

  • 7-day Orientation Prgms. on Teaching Methodology.

  • 3-day Training Prgms. on Grading Systems in Schools.

  • 3-day Workshop on Curriculum revision of DETEd course.

  • 2-day Workshop on Curriculum revision of CETEd course.

All the programmes mentioned in the above were conducted in a regular basis in each DIETs of the State.

  Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC):  

This scheme is implemented in 8(eight) Community Development (CD) / Tribal Development (TD) Blocks with cent per cent Central Assistance :

  Imphal West-I CD   Imphal West-I CD Block
  Imphal East-ll CD Block   Thoubal CD Block 
  Kakching CD Block   Bishnupur CD Block 
  Moirang CD Block   Churachandpur CD Block




Under this Scheme, disabled children of the following categories are enrolled in different schools:

  • Orthopedically impaired (OI)

  • Visually impaired  (VI)

  • Hearing impaired  (HI)

  • Speech impaired  (SI)

  • Mentally impaired  (MI)

  • Learning Disability (LD)

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC), 1598 Disabled Children enrolled in 405 schools covering 8 (eight) CD/TD Blocks are being given special facilities and Education with the help of special teachers.

  Technology (IT):  
  • Setting up of Networking System (LAN)
  • Training Programmes on computer basic for the officers, staff and teacher educators, teacher tranees.
  • Hoisting of website of the Directorate.
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