Major Functions taken by SCERT Manipur:



1.   To organize in-service training of teachers and orientation of supervisors/inspecting officers dealing with Pre-school, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in the State of Manipur.


2.   Conduct of in-service training of (i) Teacher-Educators working in the teacher-training institutes and (ii) Teachers at all stages of education from Pre- school to Higher Secondary.


3.   To arrange appropriate programmes  for the overall professional development of teachers, teacher-educators and supervisors/ inspecting officers.


4.   To provide extension services to teacher training institutions at all levels in the state.


5.   To coordinate the work of extension service centers of the teacher  training institutions in the state.


6.   To prescribe Curricula and Textbooks for Teacher Training Institutions at the Pre-Schools and Elementary Stages.


7.   To produce instructional materials for use of teacher educators at the Secondary and Higher Secondary Stages.


8.    To conduct action research and school surveys on various problems of education at the level of Primary to Hr. Secondary and in the training of teachers..


9.   To achieve Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) and maintain quality education by using electronic media of all kinds.


10.  To undertake specific projects at all levels of education and also works/assignments as entrusted to it by the Government from time to time.

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