Population Education:  
  •  Observance of the world population week.

  •  Training programmes on teacher Education for District resource persons (DRPs)

  Preparation and production of Academic Materials:  
  •  Seminars on present status of curriculum & Syllabus.

  •  Publication of annual bulletin .

  Teacher Training and Extension Services:  
  •  Training / Orientation programmes for school teacher and teacher educator.

  • Workshops for development of Training Modules teacher guide books.

  •  Study Tour for Hindi teacher's training Programme at Agra.

  Educational Technology:  
  •  Training Programmes on Educational Technology for school Teachers.

  • Workshops on Topic Identification for Media Script writing programmes.

  •  Workshops are on Educational Media Script Writing.

  •  Workshops on Educational Broadcast programme production.

  •  Broadcasting of Educational programmes through All India Radio (AIR) Imphal.

  Examination Reforms:  
  •  Publication of hand books on classroom management.

  •  Conducting of evaluation and examination workshops.

  Educational Research and Survey:  
  •  Educational survey on drop out at Elementary level.

  • Works on survey.

Library and Documentation Services:  
  •  Procurement of Books.

  •  Subscription of Journals and Newspapers etc.

  Improvement of Science and Maths:  
  •    Orientation programmes on the teaching of Science at secondary stage.

  •   Orientation programmes on the teaching of Mathematics at Secondary stage.

  Vocational Guidance and Counseling Services:  
  •  Workshops on Vocational Guidance and Career Counselling for the teachers of High & Hr. Sec. Schools.

  •  Workshops on sensitization of carrier masters.

  •   Free Vocational Guidanceand Career Counselling cum career exhibition for the students of high & Hr. Sec. Schools.

  •  Programmes on Career Talk. 

  • Setting up of a Career Conner in all the schools.

  Information Technology (IT):  
  •  Training programmes on computer basic for the officers, staff, teacher educators and teacher trainees.

  •  Setting up and updating of Networking System (LAN) of the Directorate.

  • Updating of the website..

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